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Giving Back

At Aline Orthodontics, giving back is an integral part of who we are. As such, we have an ongoing partnership with Watoto who are helping to make a difference in the lives of orphaned children and vulnerable women in Uganda (East Africa). Watoto Child Care Ministries is a holistic care program that was initiated as a response to the overwhelming
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Would you like to get out of braces quickly but you also want a great smile that will last a lifetime? At our office you can have both! With the help of advanced technology available to orthodontists called SureSmile, we can achieve our high standards for quality care while completing your treatment up to 33% faster than with conventional methods.
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My Treatment

My Braces My RME Appliance My Twin Block Appliance My Retainers My Braces My Braces Congratulations on having your braces fitted!! It is possible that your teeth may be tender for the first few days. You are welcome to minimize any discomfort with the use of Panadol or any other anti-inflammatory you would normally use for a headache. The average
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About Us

The Doctors The Team Our Practice The Doctors Our Orthodontic practice was established in approximately 1975 by Dr. Graeme O’Neil, originally located at 34 MacMahon Street. The practice was then taken over by Dr. Bill Choo in 1980. Dr. Kon joined Dr. Choo in 1998 and eventually took over the surgery following Dr. Choo’s retirement. We relocated in January 2004
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Patient Guide

Life with Braces Terminology Emergencies Life with Braces How braces work: Braces are the combination of brackets, bands and wires that collectively move your teeth. Bands are rings that are fitted around your molars and brackets are glued to the front of each of your teeth. The wire connects all of these brackets and bands together to move your teeth.
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All about Ortho

BRACES You are likely familiar with what traditional metal braces and what they look like. But, did you know that there are aesthetic alternatives? Ask us today about clear ceramic braces! LINGUAL BRACES Not your average ortho! Lingual braces are fitted to the inside of the teeth, hidden from view! You’re friends and family won’t even know you’re having orthodontic
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